The Hymn of the Pearl Is Here!

It's my sincere pleasure to announce the launch of my first standalone novella, The Hymn of the Pearl.

The Hymn of the Pearl - Brian Niemeier
Campbell Award finalist and Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier reveals a haunting new world of high fantasy in his first standalone novella The Hymn of the Pearl.
Vestiges of the Saronican Empire litter the known world, proclaiming the truth that even the greatest powers must bow to fate’s decrees.
Humanity’s misfortunes were once moderated by an ancient line of priests. Now the order of Advocates lies fallen, afflicted with every curse their cheiromancy had lifted from the shoulders of men. Into the ensuing chaos step the Arbiters: a new order of cheirologists who boast the power to change fate…for a price.
When a warring nation petitions the Arbiters for victory over a superior foe, the order dispatches Manthus, a cheirologist known for his unorthodox thinking and his flexible morals. Manthus seeks help from a sister Arbiter even less scrupulous than he is. Despite the aid of a disgraced general, their combined powers prove unequal to the task.
Their only hope of stopping a senseless war lies with the last Advocate: a man who bears a curse so terrible that all who approach him risk death—and worse. As fortune turns and armies clash, Manthus enters a perilous alliance that could destroy him or free the world from fate itself.
As Castalia House Blog editor Jeffro Johnson told me, The Hymn of the Pearl is unlike anything I've written before. Whereas up till this point I've written novels and short stories in the science fiction, science fantasy, horror, and mil-SF genres, today's new release marks my first foray into both high fantasy and novellas.

Authors take a risk venturing beyond their comfort zone, but the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the Hymn of the Pearl preview tells me that my readers are interested in seeing me tell stories outside of the Soul Cycle. This novella stems from a challenge from a friend to do just that, and I hope you'll be pleased with the result.

By the way, Soul Cycle fans needn't worry. The fourth and final SC book, The Ophian Rising will be out later this year.

It's good to see so much interest in a non-SC book though. Because as some have correctly deduced, I have another book, the first in a new space opera series, coming soon from Castalia House. And because I love my readers, I've got something special planned for them.

Included with every purchase of The Hymn of the Pearl is an exclusive preview of Faraway Wars: Book I - Embers of Empire.

I guarantee you won't want to miss this.

Last but by no means least, the Dragon Awards are almost upon us. Last year I was deeply honored when you made Souldancer the first indie novel to win a Dragon. But my joy was bittersweet because, sadly, the Dragons don't yet have a Best Editor category. My outstanding editor L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright deserved recognition for her work, so I publicly shared SD's win with her.

This year, Souldancer's sequel The Secret Kings is eligible for a Dragon Award in the Best Science Fiction Novel category. Jagi edited SK too, and she's got a special place in her heart for it. She and my readers agree that the third book is even better than its Dragon-winning precursor, and who am I to argue?

Here's my pledge to you: if The Secret Kings is nominated for this year's Best Sci-Fi Novel Dragon Award, I will once again dedicate the nomination to Jagi and share the accolades with her.

Convention membership isn't required to vote, and best of all, it's free!

And to make sure everybody gets a chance to read the eligible work before voting, I am giving away The Secret Kings through my newsletter for free!

Nominations close on 07/24/2017, and the free giveaway is for a limited time only, so get your copy and cast your vote!

The Secret Kings - Brian Niemeier
This story represents a huge leap forward for the author, better than any of his previous works. The story itself is one continuous rollercoaster, never boring filler material. After the previous two books, the pressure is on in this novel, and the author delivers beautifully. This book feels like one continuous boss fight with twenty stages. The tension and action never let up for more than a breath.
--Adam Smith

Already read SK? Excellent!

Thanks again to all of my readers. You are the reason I do this.

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  1. (1) Sold!, and (2) expecting to nominate, but must get to it ... into 'Souldancer' now.

    For 'Nethereal' and 'Souldancer': WOW! Well done, Brian!

    1. Thank you for reading, and for your support. If readers like yourself are entertained, then I've done my job.

      If I can ask one more favor, please consider leaving reviews of my books on Amazon. Honest reviews are of considerable help to authors.

    2. Absolutely! Both will get Amazon reviews once I complete 'Souldancer'. You sucked me in so hard with 'Nethereal' I just dove in to Book 2!

    3. Glad you're having fun. Thanks again!

  2. Bought! I'll get to it in the next couple of days, and then post the review when I;m done.

  3. Done and done. I can't remember if I've put in a review of Secret Kings, but I'll check and remedy if I haven't yet. Loved the book, love the series, love the world building!

    1. I am grateful, dear Reader. You have given me the greatest reward an author could ask for.