Baby Driver

Daddy Warpig's review of Baby Driver, the new Edgar Wright film, has been receiving quite a bit of praise. Tune in to the latest episode of Geek Gab and see what you think. Bonus: two other movie reviews!

Listen here.

In Superversive news, Astounding Frontiers will be released later this month. Look for my alternate Late Antiquity adventure story "The Robber Council", serialized in three parts.

Also, I can confirm that Forbidden Thoughts, vol. 2 is in the works!

Reminder: if you haven't picked up your copy of my new fantasy novella The Hymn of the Pearl, what are you waiting for? Here's what you're missing:
The setting is clearly modeled on antiquity, which is a nice change from the medieval/steampunk/dieselpunk/urban fantasy settings that so many authors are using these days. At times I was reminded of the work of K. J. Parker, but with less snark.
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The Hymn of the Pearl - Brian Niemeier

Need something else fun to read on the road this Independence Day? My fan favorite space opera novel The Secret Kings is free this month.

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The Secret Kings - Brian Niemeier

Don't forget: The Secret Kings is eligible for Best Science Fiction Novel at the 2017 Dragon Awards. If you like unique, genre-bending sci-fi that's always entertaining and never lectures you, please nominate SK for this year's Dragon of SF and give some well-deserved recognition to a great lady editor. #TeamJagi

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