Audiobooks with JimFear138

The audiobook market is experiencing astronomical growth. On the latest episode of Geek Gab: On the Books, I talk audiobooks with narrator, audiobook producer, and podcaster JimFear138:

In other book-related news, the eBook version of my Dragon Award-winning SF/horror novel Souldancer is now on sale for only $2.99:

#FakeBooks vs. Fun Books

Speaking of #FakeBooks, I noticed this on Amazon a minute ago:

Collapsing Hardcover eBook

I'm not sure what's sadder--that Scalzi's failed blockbuster is $12.99 in eBook, or that the hardcover has already dropped to the same price. Either way, with a preachy, derivative tome that Tor is charging as much for in eBook as in hardback, Scalzi has completed his apotheosis as the quintessential tradpub poster boy.

Get the startlingly original, award-winning Souldancer for less than a quarter of what Tor is demanding for Scalzi's Asimov ripoff.

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Get The Secret Kings, the WrongFans' choice for Best Sci-Fi Novel here for free!

The Secret Kings - Brian Niemeier

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  1. At $13 dollars an ebook, I better be buying the best book I've read in the last few years. Not some knock-off of a far superior castalia house book (Corroding Empire).

    1. Yep. That's the reaction Tor wants people to have, too. They're pricing their eBooks ridiculously high in an attempt to drive customers back to print.

  2. Brian

    12,99 for an ebook? Is it an enhanced one with hyperlinks video music etc or just a plain ebook?
    I'm sorry I gripe enough how ebooks in Spain are ridiculously expenaive but English language ebooks should be 5$ tops more for bundles.