Old Pulp Magazines

Author Rawle Nyanzi went digging through some old pulp magazines from the 1930s. Now he's come to share what he learned about the golden age of sci-fi publishing with the listeners of Geek Gab: On the Books

Rawle also shares his strong opinions on recent attempts to revive the once-dominant Western genre. This one gets pretty intense. Don't miss it!

Sword and Flower - Rawle Nyanzi

In publishing news, I've started work on a new, non-Soul Cycle novella. Unlike the SC, this one is a pure fantasy story featuring a new magic system that's got early readers super excited. Progress has been good, so look for The Hymn of the Pearl to launch later this month.



  1. Brian

    Would you believe I came across a link by GK Chesterton defending the pulp novels (the penny dreadfuls as he calls them)

    Here's the link:

    He also mentions a story title Dick Deathshot and the avenging nine and I'm wondering if it's for real or just something he made up for the sake of argument.
    In any case, that title sound awesomely pulpy if it exists

  2. Brian:

    You're welcome. I found this link at Steve Greydanus' movie review website.i was totally blown away by this Chesterton article. I never suspected he would bother with the

    I'm still curious is Dick Deadshot a real pulp story?