Violence. Action. Conflict.

It's that time again. Not that pointing out contemporary film makers' unforced errors ever gets old.

This week, Daddy Warpig reviews Guy Ritchie's new King Arthur/gangster mashup film. Then I join my co-hosts in lamenting TV and movies' obsession with Refusing the Call and their bad habit of conflating violence, action, and conflict.

Is King Arthur any good? At least one of your stalwart Geek Gab hosts may surprise you with his answer. Find out here!

Bonus tip: violence is a sudden, destructive event without character or stakes. Action is violence plus character. Conflict is action plus stakes. We explain more in the episode.

Bonus 2: mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 17th at 4:00 PM Eastern, when I will be discussing nonhuman characters with author Yakov Merkin on Geek Gab: On the Books!

Space pirates in hell. Demons, space battles and plenty of well paced action.

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