Signs of Contradiction

Davis M.J. Aurini considers the six contradictions whose resolution will determine the future of the Alt-Media:
For some time now, there have been tremors moving through the Alt Media; foreshocks of a coming seismic event.  Recently these shocks have been coming more frequently, and are increasingly evident to audiences, as well as content creators.  There have been several attempts to fight back against the growing wave of censorship, but thus far they’ve been reactionary: an attempt to fight back against a single node rather than the entire network, with the goal of maintaining the “Wild West” status quo of the internet, while ignoring the inevitability that periods of chaos always return to order.
I can personally confirm the wave of internet censorship.

Aurini continues:
The conflict can be broken down into six primary nodes – or contradictions – each of which is moving towards an unknown resolution.
For the sake of convenience, Aurini's six contradictions are as follows:
  1. Wealth, Investment, Crowdfunding, and Financial Anemia: the advent of crowdfunding has ironically come at a time when the lion's share of wealth that would have been invested in new projects is instead locked up in low-interest accounts.
  2. Advertisers are Growing Nervous: no major advertiser has learned that hate is the new online currency--with the sole exception of Wendy's.
  3. The E-Celebrity Bubble: Boomers' inability to retire has prevented Millennials from attaining upward financial and social mobility in traditional industries. Enter the YouTube celebrity. But counting on ad revenue has its own perils...
  4. The Legacy Media Zombies: IP holders have given up on producing good content due to a series of credit bubbles. SJWs invade these dead (but not broke--yet) industries like worms eating a corpse. This legacy media zomification now infects everything from Star Wars to Fox News to Marvel Comics, which I wrote about previously.
  5. Algorithmic Content Control: the marketing algorithms of Twitter, YouTube, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are cannibalizing the old industries whose advertising dollars they live on.
  6. The Inability to Organize: the Alt-Media is embroiled in infighting when it should be uniting to finally take down the old media.

Once you get past the Hegelian dialectic, the reference to talk radio being at all relevant, and the thinly veiled swipes at MILO which nonetheless can't ignore his effectiveness, Aurini's post makes a host of crucial points about the current dysfunctional state of legacy and alternative media. The wisdom of his prediction for how the whole mess will finally be resolved is also hard to deny:
Where and how the shift happens is still unpredictable.  When it happens, it will be a Black Swan; unpredictable, irrelevant even, but thanks to the time and place of it, the whole system will change overnight.

NB: the one alternative media industry that is observably disrupting its legacy predecessor without prohibitive contradictions is indie publishing. I feel for recent graduates trying to break into radio, TV, music, and film; but I thank God that I'm in the indie fiction publishing business.



  1. Thanks for the linkage!

    For the record I take larger issue with the "Cult of Milo" than with the man himself. I try and take people as they are, and if I want them to change I'll either present a dialectical argument (without specifically targeting anybody) or I'll do my best to lead by example.

    The Cult of Milo disturbs me because it shows a certain desperation to appeal to Liberal sensibilities - "See, we're not racist or homophobic, we made Milo our avatar!" It feeds in to the enemy in the head, when we should be eschewing false standards of societal approval in favour of true standards of decency, which we should all be striving for.

    In a way it's no different than the people who perform acts of public charity for the social reward.

    1. You're welcome. I found your post quite compelling.

      It's no secret that a sizable segment of MILO's followers, and Dangerous Faggot himself, are approaching the cultural crisis from a Classical Liberal point of view.

      So What? Classical Liberalism has failed, and its failure will only become more apparent with each passing day. It's not as if MILO's followers can resuscitate it.

      Are there virtue signalers who pander to the poz? Yes. You'll have that. But don't worry; they'll come around.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by.