On the Books: Author Marketing

Dragon Award-winning author Nick Cole, author (and my Soul Cycle editor) L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright, and Geek Gab host Daddy Warpig convene with me to discuss author marketing strategies on this star-studded episode of On the Books.

Do blog tours build buzz for a launch? Do podcasts sell books? Is a BOOK BOMB! the key to publishing success? Listen in and find out!

P.S. final edits to my upcoming book for Castalia House are coming along nicely. I fully expect to turn in the finished manuscript before the end of the month. Stay tuned!



  1. A good episode, but Jagi's audio issues made it really hard to understand her.

    I couldn't catch the advice she gave at the end about search engine optimization for blogs.

    1. She was on a tablet that was getting poor reception. Also, the volume was up too high, creating an echo. We tried to give her a heads up in the chat, but we only found out afterward that she couldn't see the chat on her screen.

      Such are the pitfalls of guerrilla podcasting. Luckily we're still learning and improving.

      Thanks for listening, anyway!

  2. Brian

    Here's an apropos post by Michael Shatzkin about publishers struggle to know which titles to work on