Alien Covenant

On this episode of Geek Gab, Daddy Warpig sees Alien Covenant so you don't have to. I also briefly discuss the classic mafia film The Godfather.

Have a listen.

And remember: thanks to Ridley Scott you will never get to see this movie:

Neill Blomkamp - Alien 5

Or this one:

Del Toro - At the Mountains of Madness

Niemeier's skill with the non-human characters was particularly pronounced, they were understandable yet alien and they were fully realized instead of just being props for the main character to react to.


  1. Pity. Hollywood poisons more than it cultivates.

    Poor converged Hollywood, the Shambling Zombie of Former Entertainment.

  2. Brian

    I don't welcome them. If you think the left is a headache Xi and his posse are trying to bring back a mix of insufferable Chinese chauvanism with rancid Marxism. I don't want my movies to be praising the wisdom of the last triad standing