Wrongthink Sci-Fi Giveaway

Wrongthink Sci-Fi Giveaway

Robert Kroese and a few of my other wrong-thinking author friends have put together a massive giveaway of the most celebrated SFF novels to deviate from the big New York publishing Narrative.
The Wrongthink Sci-Fi Giveaway is about showcasing authors who have been marginalized by the gatekeepers of the sci-fi publishing industry for the sin of not complying with progressive social justice dogma. From Sarah Hoyt, who was accused of racism and ”internalized misogyny” for her association with the Sad Puppies campaign to reform the Hugo Awards, to Nick Cole, who lost a publishing contract for daring to write a story about an artificially intelligent computer who is troubled by abortion, these authors have faced smear campaigns, boycotts and blacklisting for failing to toe the progressive line.
Far from being discouraged by the social justice crybullies, however, these authors have thrived by continuing to focus on writing great stories that connect with readers. And now they are teaming up to help spread the word about each other’s books.
The real winner in all this is you, the avid sci-fi reader. We’re holding a huge giveaway and giving away seven kickass sci-fi titles just for entering. In addition, three winners will each receive seven MORE books.
Just for entering, you’ll get:
  • Brother, Frank by Michael Bunker
  • The Red King by Nick Cole
  • Darkship Thieves by Sarah A. Hoyt
  • The Yanthus Prime Job by Robert Kroese
  • The Darkness by W.J. Lundy
  • Nethereal by Brian Niemeier
  • Freehold by Michael Z. Williamson
Three lucky winners will also receive:
  • Wick by Michael Bunker
  • Ctrl+Alt+Revolt by Nick Cole
  • Darkship Revenge by Sarah A. Hoyt
  • Starship Grifters by Robert Kroese
  • The Shadows by W.J. Lundy
  • Souldancer by Brian Niemeier
  • Better to Beg Forgiveness by Michael Z. Williamson
Books will be provided as downloadable files, in both ebook and mobi (Kindle) formats.
This giveaway was organized by the authors listed above. By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to share your email address with the organizing authors. We will not spam you or share your email address with anyone else. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.
Books were graciously provided by Baen and other publishers. Baen is not affiliated with the Wrongthink Giveaway.
If you’re tired of social justice warriors taking all the fun out of sci-fi–or if you just want to read some great stories–you owe it to yourself to enter the Wrongthink Sci-Fi Giveaway!
The big publishing Powers the Be won't promote us, so we're promoting each other! Do your part to support authors whose driving purpose is to entertain YOU. And get some excellent free books--including my Campbell-nominated and Dragon-winning books--in the process. Enter the Wrongthink Sci-Fi Giveaway today!


  1. Do we have to wait for the drawing to get the books just for entering?

    1. MailChimp was supposed to send a welcome email with the links to the books. Unfortunately, there's been a glitch, and Robert is having to send out the emails manually while he sorts out the problem.

      If you don't get your email today, send me an email at the link in the upper left sidebar, and I'll send you Nethereal.

    2. Got the links. They were in my spam folder, so it was Google and not Wrongthink.

    3. Speaking of enjoying, the free first book of the soul cycle forced me to finally buy the last book in the series. I'd been hesitating because (thanks to the folks in the pulp revolution) I already have too much to read. The reality of having two books in the series(bought Soul Dancer in the run up to the Dragons) made it a no brainer. So I'll be busy for awhile.