Superversive RPG Roundtable

Join the superversive crew, including Sci Phi Journal editor Jason Rennie, Appendix N author Jeffro Johnson, Geek Gab host Daddy Warpig, record-setting Hugo-nominated author John C. Wright, author and editor Jagi Wright, and more as they delve deep into the topic of role-playing games.

Of special note is the Wrights' account of the homebrewed RPG they've been playing for years that's said to be like living out one of John's books. Count me in!

On an unrelated topic that may nevertheless interest superversive fans, especially since Jagi is my editor, my award-winning Soul Cycle series of SFF novels is only on sale for five more days. Get all three books now for less than the cost of a single eBook by a certain Tor author.

Brian Niemeier - The Soul Cycle


  1. I'm not a table game player, but it's worth listening too just for the writing discussion.

    1. Great point. Writing prose fiction isn't the same skill set as running RPGs, but the Venn diagrams overlap.