JimFear138 Podcast

I recently joined my good friend and audiobook narrator JimFear138 on his outstanding podcast.

JimFear138 Podcast

Jim has been killing it lately with a series of phenomenal guests on his show. I'm honored that he let me come on, and we both had a blast.

I've done interviews before, but this one is special because instead of being given the questions in advance like the majority of written interviews I've done, Jim gave me free rein to talk about whatever I wanted. Soul Cycle fans are in for a treat, as I dish out never-before-discussed dirt on the origins of my fictional universe. We also get into theology, which is to me what accounting is to Larry Correia or lawyering is to John C. Wright.

You've never heard me give an interview quite like this one, Only my Catholic Geeks appearances come close, but on Jim's show I didn't have any time restraints. Go ahead. Click on the link and enjoy!

Speaking of the Soul Cycle, Amazon reviewer Brenden says of the first book Nethereal:
Brian is my favorite new writer that I've discovered. He writes better characters and understands plot development better than guys who've been writing books for years. You won't be disappointed with this one.
Thanks, Brenden. I'm delighted that my stories are reaching and entertaining new readers like you and Jim.

By the way, new and veteran fans alike should be pleased to know that I just finished the first draft of my new book yesterday. It just needs one more pass to polish it up before I send it off to Castalia House. I seriously can't wait to unveil this project to you guys. Keep an eye on this blog for further details. They should start coming fast!

In the meantime Nethereal, along with its sequels the Dragon Award-winning Souldancer and The Secret Kings, is on sale right now. Get the whole series for less than the price of a single Tor eBook.

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