A Conversation with Jon Mollison

Sudden Rescue - Jon Mollison

This week's episode of Geek Gab has already caused something of a sensation in the Pulp Revolution and affiliated communities. The cause of all this excitement is Jon Mollison, author and blogger at Seagull Rising and the Puppy of the Month Book Club.

On the show this week, Daddy Warpig, Dorrinal, and I talked with Jon about a variety of topics from the viability of novellas as foundations for an indie pub career to this year's Hugo packet and other subjects literary,

Experience the enmollisoning!

In other news, I'm turning in the first part of a story that will be serialized in three parts in an upcoming anthology edited by Superversive SF mastermind Jason Rennie. More on that as the situation develops.

And don't forget: my entire award-winning Soul Cycle is now on sale. Buy now and get three highly acclaimed, fan favorite novels for less than the cost of a single Tor eBook,

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