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Scalzi - Collapsing Empire price

Tor Books has slashed the hardcover pre-order price of John Scalzi's The Collapsing Empire to $15.41 two weeks prior to its release. As a demonstration of how nontraditional publishers can react to market forces with greater agility and flexibility than the Big Five New York publishers, I'm pleased to announce that the print versions of all three volumes of my award-winning Soul Cycle are now on sale for $14.99 each.

That's right. Campbell Award-worthy Nethereal, Dragon Award-winner and CLFA Book of the Year finalist Souldancer, and fan favorite The Secret Kings are all just $14.99 in trade paperback.

Note on the links above: people often ask me whether I prefer that they buy the print versions of my books through Amazon or CreateSpace. While I do earn significantly higher royalties from CreateSpace, I understand that customers are loyal to their preferred sales channels. That's why I've provided both Amazon and CreateSpace links in this post (and in the right sidebar).

If you're unfamiliar with my work, here's what reviewers are saying about the books of the Soul Cycle.

Brian Niemeier - Nethereal
I've read first two books of The Soul Cycle (third is waiting in queue) and I'm not a man of many words but I absolutely agree with the another reviewer: It is the most unique sci-fi story I have experienced in many many years. It is not only sci-fi but great epic adventure with sublime romance and lovecraftian atmosphere in beautiful universe full of awe, terror and danger. If I'm not mistaken it's his first book but nobody could guess it because it's so well crafted. It is a hidden gem for many sci-fi readers/fans.

Brian Niemeier - Souldancer
This book is unlike any other. Even the first book doesn't prepare you for the weirdness of this one. What's even more strange is that a significant part of this is a love story; the most twisted, deranged, metaphysical love story you can imagine.
I finished it last night and I'm still trying to wrap my head around the ending. It's one of those thinking pieces. And it obviously sets up more to come. But it was satisfying. And I've got the third book sitting right here next to me.

Brian Niemeier - The Secret Kings
This series never ceases to amaze me.
As great as the first two novels were, I was not certain how the narrative threads from each novel would be woven together. However, Brian Niemeier is apparently a literary seamstress extraordinaire. All the plot points from the first novel and the second novel are woven together expertly in this novel.
I guarantee you will struggle to put this down. Once the final few chapters are ready to begin, forget about sleep, forget about work, you will just READ.

Something big is happening in the SFF field. More and more people whose love of reading was nearly killed by pretentious high school lit teachers and elitist New York editors who pushed their snobbish tastes on the rest of us are saying that my books helped reignite their passion for science fiction and fantasy.

It's not just me, either. The fine folks at the Castalia House blog are reporting more traffic than Scalzi's former "biggest blog in science fiction". Cirsova Magazine is innovating a new, successful short fiction market while turning heads. The Puppy of the Month Book Club is bringing in-depth reviews of forgotten pulp classics to a generation that was robbed of its past.

This is just the beginning. What we've got here are front row seats to a literary preference cascade.


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