River City. Kong. Logan.

Catch our most recent Geek Gab discussion of pop culture ephemera. Under the microscope this time: River City Ransom, Kong: Skull Island, and Logan.

Have a listen!

In Niemeierian fiction news, I have passed the halfway mark in the first draft of my upcoming book for Castalia House. Really excited about this one. Expect an announcement in or before May.

As always, my Soul Cycle novels are available right now. You can still get any of the print versions for less than what you'd pay to preorder Scalzi's upcoming Asimov rehash.

Pink vs Red



  1. Scalzi's ripoff of Heinlein wasn't bad, and his ripoff of Roddenberry was kind of entertaining (especially if you've read the fanfic it was based on), but I think I'll skip this one and wait until he rips off Herbert.

    1. OMW was good enough for government work. I advise you, and everyone, to skip all Tor books from now on.

      Seriously, with Pulp Revolution indies and Castalia House, who needs Tor?

    2. I make exceptions for Mr. and Mrs. Wright's books at Tor, and David Weber's Safehold series.

      But only because I really like the authors from elsewhere, and really like these books of theirs that Tor puts out. It's not that I'm reading a Tor book by John, Jagi, or David, it's that I'm reading a book by John, Jagi, or David that happens to be put out by Tor.

    3. We completely agree that John and Jagi are worth reading. Jagi got her rights back and is no longer with Tor. John is done with Tor as of his final Eschaton book, and he'll send you the manuscript of any of his Tor books if you contribute to his blog's tip jar.

      I don't know of a workaround that gets Weber paid without also lining Tor's pockets.

      You're an adult, and where you spend your money is up to you. I can tell you that continuing to give it to companies that hate you is gluttony for punishment.