Let's Try This Again

It is truly a delight to announce that at long last, Corrosion, The Corroding Empire Book 1 is available in the Kindle Store!

Corrosion, The Corroding Empire Book 1

Followers of this blog will know that Johan Kalsi's debut novel had a long and difficult road to publication. Saboteurs within KDP quality control didn't want you to read this book. What more reason do you need to buy it?

I've got one. How about the fact that Corrosion is already more reviewed and better received than its direct rival?

Collapsing vs Corroding

Despite having an unfair two day head start thanks to the Amazon SJW's interference, The Collapsing Empire is already losing ground to Corrosion. Their respective ranks are currently:
  • Collapsing 174
  • Corroding 918
That's a difference of only a few hundred books. Considering that Corrosion only costs five bucks, it shouldn't be hard to overtake its ridiculously overpriced competitor. But Serving the CHORFs at Amazon and Tor a big helping of crow isn't the only reason to support Johan Kalsi's launch. Judging by the reviews, Corrosion is solid science fiction and the superior novel of the two.

If you want to send a message to legacy publishers that gouge their readers, insult their own authors, and condone censorious behavior--or if you couldn't care less about all that but just want something fun to read for a change, pick up Corrosion, The Corroding Empire Book 1.

And if you've already got Corrosion, and are looking for more fun SFF to read, my award-winning Soul Cycle series comes highly recommended.

The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier

UPDATE: You guys are causing some drastic changes in the Amazon rankings. This morning, The Collapsing Empire was at 174, and Corrosion was at 918. Here are your current numbers.

  • The Collapsing Empire 227
  • Corrosion 693

That's a difference of roughly 50 sales! Thanks to lovers of fun, non-SJW converged science fiction, and SJWs themselves, whose spate of fake reviews have put Streisand in full effect.

You have the power to boost a superior sci-fi novel above the overpriced mediocrity it's parodying. Every sale counts. Buy Corrosion The Corroding Empire Book 1 now!

Thought: unemployed SJWs have been busy posting fake reviews all day while their favored horse has been lagging. It'll be interesting to see what happens when normal folks get home from work and log in to Amazon.



  1. They're still making it hard to find...

  2. Not that hard to find at all. The whole thing is quite funny. Here's Vox, who did this thing as an in house joke, causing Tor and Scalzi's fans to go to defcon 1. They apparently have so little faith in the author or his work that they think Vox's little joke is serious competition. These folks are so easy to play, it's almost too painful to watch.

    As to the theft thing, yes Scalzi stole from Asimov and Vox stole (more like borrowed) from Scalzi. In neither case was anything of value actually taken. Foundation remember, was a pure Campbell era piece of work, with all the dullness that entails. Scalzi's reworking of the idea is just Scalzi being Scalzi.

    1. I'm glad you're amused :)

      Both Scalzi and Johan Kalsi riffed on Asimov. Kalsi actually transcended the source material by making the characters 3-dimensional and relatable.

  3. i clicked on the link...
    it brought me to the book, true. but now the collapsing empire has muddled ITS reviews onto the page of the corroding empire's!
    this is what ray comfort once notoriously did to darwin's origin of the species! they're secretly selling it under the guise of the corroding empire!

  4. actually, more research has shown that tor is actually ORDERING people to intentionally click on the one-star rating in order to bring corrosion's ratings down!

    1. Interesting. Can you please do me a favor and email me a link to Tor ordering people to post fake one-star reviews? A screen shot of the review muddling you mentioned in your previous comment would also be helpful.

    2. This behavior from a seller is explicitly mentioned and forbidden in the Amazon guidelines, so if you can prove this, we'll pass it to our corporate attorney. We may get Tor removed from Amazon.

    3. If you get it, pass it directly to Vox. If it turns out actionable, we must act on it ASAP.

    4. Will do as soon as I hear back from Daniel.