3 for 3 Amazon Review Day

Today is 3/3, and Puppy of the Month Book Club contributor Jon Mollison has declared that it is also 3 for 3 Amazon review day.

How do you participate in 3 for 3 Day? It's simple.
  • Pick 3 books you've read but haven't reviewed yet.
  • Write a 3 sentence review of each book on Amazon.
  • Bonus points for choosing indie books, because the more reviews a book has, the more Amazon's algorithm promotes it, and the better the chances of your favorite indie author being able to release more books you enjoy.
It just so happens that I have exactly 3 indie novels on Amazon right now.

Brian Niemeier - Nethereal

Brian Niemeier - Souldancer

Brian Niemeier - The Secret Kings

If you've read and enjoyed any or all of the books in the Soul Cycle, there's no better time to review them than now. I eagerly await your feedback on Nethereal, Souldancer, and The Secret Kings.

At this point, I'd be remiss not to offer a reminder of the CHORF who rushed to DISQUALIFY! Souldancer's Dragon Award win on the arbitrary grounds that it only had eight reviews at the time. Thanks to you, it's now almost halfway to the magic number of 50 reviews that kicks Amazon's algorithm into high gear. Let's push it over the top!

Thanks to Jon Mollison for this wonderful idea.Thanks to everyone who's left a review, and thanks in advance to everyone who leaves a review today. The Soul Cycle has but one purpose: to rekindle a love of science fiction and fantasy by telling fun stories that people want to read. If you don't yet have the series thus far in your collection, all three books are available at the link below.

Brian Niemeier - The Soul Cycle



  1. Gave it a shot. Already did Nethereal, so went for Souldancer (which I have wanted to reread before doing a longer review - probably shouldn't do that, because it might take a year...)I can't say anything in 3 sentences - I'm sure you'll forgive me.

    "Wild ride on an insane roller coaster. Grab a cup of coffee if you're going to read this thing - and you should read it - you'll need to pay attention as you do not want to miss any of of the awesomeness. Love story? Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, girl turns out to be a flaming - as in, literally on fire - demonic metallic monstrosity. Who does have her charms, which are occasionally expressed in piles of the smoldering charred flesh of her enemies. Good thing, too, for she and her companions have a Universe to save.

    And it gets better. Really. Just go read it. "

  2. Wrote reviews for: Forbidden Thoughts anthology, CTRL-ALT-Revolt by Nick Cole and Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia. The Indie Trifecta!!! Hoping someone will show some 3-line love to Escaping Infinity. (hint, hint. Nudge, nudge) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MU7VO42

  3. It might be a great book. It might be the greatest book to ever been written, but to get an award after 8 reads is pretty lame.

    1. Yours might be the best comment to ever been written.

      Your reading comprehension needs serious work, though!