Monsters of Pulp: Reactions

For anyone who missed Saturday's epic meeting of the pulp SFF minds on Geek Gab, here's the replay:

And if you'd rather listen on the go, here is the audio-only version on SoundCloud.

On behalf of myself and my fellow Geek Gab hosts, I can honestly say that being present for this historical episode was an unparalleled privilege. Jeffro, John, and Razörfist brought more than witty repartee and a vast body of knowledge to the table. The interaction between such modern geek culture luminaries made for some truly great radio.

Lest there be any doubt, here is a representative selection of comments about the show.

Razorfist, John C. Wright AND Jeffro on a panel?
I could have watched another 5 hours of this without even noticing. You've got my sub.
-Vae Victus
Really good show.
What an incredible show! Both funny and thought-provoking. This is just another landmark to look back to when the PulpRev achieves victory.
Can we have a round two of this?
-Peter Wolfe 
that was a great listen. Looking forward to that Elric & Witcher comparison video, too!
-Sam Hart

Thanks to everyone for listening. As you might expect, this episode is on track to become our most-watched ever!

By way of thanks, I'll let you in on a little secret from our awesome guests' post-show chat: everyone had such a good time that we all want to do it again. Stay tuned.



  1. I liked the bit about the Hoth hallucination - one time I was sick and hallucinated that tiny Stormtroopers were standing around my room shooting at me.

    1. Interesting.

      One time a buddy of mine in the grip of a severe fever abruptly woke up, sat bolt upright in bed, and pointed a trembling finger at the intersection of the walls and ceiling. "The lines aren't straight!" he cried before immediately passing out again.

      He later denied having any recollection of why he'd said that.

  2. The decision to ditch the "less than an hour" format Geekgab normally sticks to for this episode, and just let the amazing guests talk was an inspired one. Also noticed the regular hosts were happy to sit back and enjoy, and not interrupt the flow.

    Also eps like this must be particularly challenging for Dorinal given he's only a casual reader. (Him buying and recommending your books is akin to a bunny slope skier starting with a black diamond slope. You can tell he's a good friend.)

    1. Dorrinal is indeed a valued friend; not only because he says that the Soul Cycle is drawing him back into reading.

      Glad you enjoyed the show.

  3. Thanks for alerting us to this gem. I've seen GeekGab in my YT recommended list, but the audio quality turned me off within the first few minutes. This time due to the guests I gave leeway to the 1st 10 minutes until they got to the meat of the discussion. Long live the Appendix N Revolution!

    1. Glad to be of service. Thanks for the constructive feedback.