Monsters of Pulp Update!

In an earlier post I announced Geek Gab's upcoming star-studded episode featuring Razörfist and Jeffro Johnson.

It's my sincerest pleasure to bring you this update to our already star-studded guest roster.

Author John C. Wright

Do not adjust your screen. Your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed the author photo of John C. Wright--Nebula finalist, record-setting Hugo nominee, and the reigning Dragon of Science Fiction, which I imagine thusly:

Sci-fi Dragon

Mr. Wright will be joining Razörfist, Jeffro, and your loyal hosts on the next explosive episode of Geek Gab this Saturday, February 18th at 3:00 PM Eastern.

For the few readers who are unaware of Mr. Wright's pulp bona fides, he commands an encyclopedic knowledge of SFF history that practically makes him a walking Appendix N--to which he wrote the introduction. He has also been a devoted fan of the Shadow since a mysterious cloaked stranger saved him from stepping off the precipice of a bridge one misty night in 1936.

We at Geek Gab are confident that Mr. Wright will fit right in. One reader described Razörfist as John's foul-mouthed son who shares the same tastes in comics and politics. Also, Mr. Wright has appeared with Jeffro on the Superversive SF round table.

NB: the show lineup now looks like this:

Such a gathering of geek gods may well destroy the universe. We're not sure what will happen, so make sure to watch live this Saturday at 3PM EST!



  1. Heard the podcast, and I only have one (very obvious) criticism, it was too short. I could also complain about you all adding to my "things I have to find the time to read" list, but having too many things to read is the kind of problem book most addicts love to have. Great show guys.

    1. Thank you. I doubt this will be the last time we get these guys together.