MILO Rioters: "Hate" Isn't the Word They're Looking For

Last night, what was to be the final stop on Milo Yiannopoulos' Dangerous Faggot Tour was cancelled as self-styled antifascists, lacking reasoned arguments against Milo's words, descended into savage violence.

UC Berkeley anti-MILO violence

Milo fans and Trump supporters were assaulted with rocks. A woman was pepper-sprayed. A man was dragged from his car and beaten--all for disagreeing with rioters whose ideology had already been defeated. Now, and for all time, these brazen acts of barbarism--including setting fire to their own campus--have utterly discredited them.

Here is an impassioned speech from Milo, recorded live during the event. His words are far more convincing than any third-hand report--which is why his foes are violently desperate to shut him up.

Note for those who claim to hate "Nazis": if your only answer to political disagreement is using violence to intimidate your opponents into submission to your political will, you cease to be protesters. You are now terrorists.

Milo protesters punch Nazis

Driven by violent hate for a homosexual Catholic of Jewish extraction, you also resemble something else.

Jews in Nazi Germany

St. Maximilian Kolbe

Homosexuals in Nazi Germany

But the irony is probably lost on those who abandon reason for blind aggression.

Make no mistake. The terrorists who burned UC Berkeley and assaulted its students do not believe that their opponents are Nazis. Why attack their own ideological brethren? No. They crave violence for its own sake and apply ridiculous labels to justify their blood lust.

The domestic terrorists had one good idea. Let us finish what they started and raze academia to the ground. Universities are no longer institutions of higher learning. They are indoctrination camps that churn out overgrown children unable to cope with adult life at best--and anti-civilizational barbarians at worst.

The final word is given to Mr. Stefan Molyneux, who, though not a believer, cries out for peace with a passion, logic, and charity only found in those in whom the Holy Spirit dwells. Yet even his mighty heart may have reached the breaking point.



  1. And I see whenever such violence are criticized the response usually is "Anarchists did it!" No violence from the Left or from Liberals, but solely the fault of Anarchists.

    If I did not know any better I'd say Anarchists are the Brown Shirts of the Left.

    1. "Anarchists" who want to overthrow a president who's actually reducing the size of government...riiight.

      More to your point: ESR, who's spent years studying how governments fall into tyranny, mentioned on G+ how the Left is following the classic dictatorship pattern to a T--including protesters/domestic terrorists as private paramilitary.

    2. I see that same thing happening. It's quite obvious to anyone who is honest. And that is the thing that riles me.

      The only intolerance and violence I see come from the Left. This complete lack of self-awareness astounds me. I don't see this behavior stopping anytime soon and trust me, they will take it too far.

  2. Mr. Molyneux sounds as if he's on the edge of despair. I pray he doesn't fall to it. His last few videos have been unnerving.

    And I have also heard the anarchist argument before. But you would have to know the punk scene to know them. They constantly rage against elites and the government while asserting those same people should be in charge of all weapons and be allowed to kill babies while spending money on fixing the environment a world they believe will be wiped out of existence when the sun explodes.

    They're already walking contradictions.

    1. Do pray for Stefan. Better men that I have observed that he must soon either go mad or else embrace Christ.

      You will already know from his videos that Mr. Molyneux is the rare internet atheist who lauds the good that Christianity has done and respects her philosophical tradition.

      He has written an ethic that provides a secular basis for virtuous behavior to his satisfaction. But now events beyond his control confront him with the stark implications of his worldview.

      To one who does not believe in life after death, his legacy is the only immortality he can hope for. One who denies that God will dispense ultimate justice is left with the imperfect, often miscarried, justice of this world.

      Mr. Molyneux faces the very real possibility that all his years of hard work, though praiseworthy, may not be enough to save the West.

      He places his ultimate hope in philosophy and reason. But human reason is a product of fallen Man. Reason alone cannot save us.

      So yes, pray. Pray for his conversion to the Name that alone can save.

  3. There were several beatings of Trump-supporters over the weekend at airports with the moratorium being protested as well.
    They're on a losing streak right now.
    I was telling my dad this morning as the Dems attempted to boycott Mick Mulvaney's advancement vote, the Dems are becoming more and more irrelevant. He had to agree. He's actually Republican if I'm not mistaken but no Trump-supporter, he didn't vote at federal level this year.

    1. True. It also appears that Keith Ellison is the frontrunner to chair the DNC. Confirming him will finalize the Democrats' split with white blue collar workers.

  4. Apparently, they don't teach history at Berkeley any more. When they did this kind of dipshit stuff in the 60's, the end result was Nixon, twice. For folks who hate Trump, they sure seem hell bent on seeing him re-elected in 2020.