John Wick 2 Follow Up

If you enjoyed my review of John Wick Chapter 2, then the latest episode of Geek Gab will definitely be right up your alley. Because this time I get to discuss this exquisite action flick with two other raging geeks!

YouTube threw more technical difficulties in our way, but DW and Dorrinal surmounted them by making Dorrinal a manager and having him host the hangout. I'm glad we stuck with it, because by all accounts the show turned out great.

Bonus: a very special message from John C. Wright in the comments that should excite anyone who enjoyed our recent pulp extravaganza with him, Jeffro, and Razörfist.

Off-topic: work on my upcoming novel for Castalia House proceeds apace! This is my first time working with another publisher, and I'm excited to be hitting my stride on this book. It's a project I've been preparing for half of my life to realize, and I can't wait till we can announce it.

In the meantime, check out my highly praised, award-winning books.

Brian Niemeier - The Soul Cycle


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