Nethereal Video Review

Reader JimFear138 has written a review of my breakoug SFF/horror novel Nethereal. The overall assessment is, as he admits, glowing.
Which is another thing I feel needs to be brought up. This book outflanked me. Usually when I read a book, I try to guess where the author is going with a particular thing, or try to fathom where a scene will end up. Of course I tried to do that with Nethereal, and I was defeated at every. Single. Turn. There is not a single point in this book that I felt was tropey, or predictable, or even safe. I got about fifteen chapters in and decided that I just had no fucking clue where this was going, and buckled in to see where the ride took me. Which is not to say that the book is confusing, but it is opaque until it decides it's time to reveal a piece of information that makes the puzzle clearer. This book tells you what you need to know when you need to know it, and that's all you need to know. And I understand that this seems an odd thing to praise a book for, but the amount of times I was blindsided over the course of the story is staggering, and eventually I just dropped the tea leaves and read the damn book.
What makes Jim's review stand out to me is that the book gave him exactly the reading experience it's designed to provide. Nethereal features precisely as much exposition as an engaged reader needs to enjoy the story at any given moment--no more; no less. As other reviewers have said, never being entirely sure of what to expect next is part of the fun :)
My final verdict, as you can probably guess, is that this book is well worth the price of admission, multiple times over. Go buy it. If you're anything like me you'll absolutely love it. This book takes science fiction, turns it on its head, then vivisects it and reshapes it into something that I've never seen the genre do before. At least not all at once. You can find the Amazon page here.
Thank you, Jim. Entertaining readers is my job, and I take your praise as a satisfactory performance review.

Or if you prefer, Jim has been gracious enough to post a video version of his review on YouTube.

After watching that, you'll probably want this: