Geek Gab New Year's Spectacular

Join Daddy Warpig, Dorrinal, and myself for Geek Gab's New Year's Eve Spectacular!

On this special extended episode, we discuss Netflix original series The OA, British dark SF TV anthology Black Mirror, and hard SF film Passengers.

Give it a listen!

And for all you SF fans out there, what better way to start a new year of nerdery than with your very own copies of the award-winning Soul Cycle, including the brand new third volume, The Secret Kings:


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  2. The ending Daddy Warpig is talking about is why I originally stopped reading back in High School. It took a long time for me to realize there were stories not traversing this path.

    It is pure nihilism distilled to its soul-killing epitome (or nadir?), and story destroying.

    The message is that the girl was selling them false hope, and the other people were horrendously stupid and delusional to believe there was anything more life than their inevitable deaths because it is too scary a prospect.

    This sort of plot might seem deep to a deconstructionist acolyte, but for everybody else it is revealed for the shallow plot twist that it is.

    Ain't no way this will be remembered like Stranger Things was.

    1. High school lit classes put my childhood love of reading on life support. Only Frank Herbert revived it.