Down to Sheol by M.T. White

I'm pleased to announce the release of Down to Sheol, a new crime thriller novel by author M.T. White.
Down to Sheol - M.T. White
A crime thriller set in the rural Texas--a world with the tools, toys and weapons of the modern but governed by the codes of honor and revenge of the old.
Jack McGregor had the land they wanted but fought them tooth and nail to keep it. Now he's dead.
Corrupt D.A. Michael Kubicek just needed to cover up the killing committed by his in-laws, the violent Chambers brothers. Decadent real estate developer Jimmy Morgan just needed to pay off Jack's feeble sister so he could turn the land in to a thriving, monetary oasis. The men in this crooked cabal thought their troubles would be over.
But the trouble has just begun.
They didn't count on Jack's son Clayton, an Army vet returning full of distrust and a hair trigger. They didn't count on Bree Morgan, Jimmy's wife and Clayton's ex-girlfriend. And they didn't count on Clayton and Bree joining forces.But as Clayton investigates, he crosses paths with the Chambers' and discovers there's more to his father's death than meets the eye while Jimmy stumbles upon Bree's secret plan.
The guns come out and everyone is caught in the crossfire.
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