MAGA Mindset by Mike Cernovich

MAGA Mindset: Making You and America Great Again is the latest book by best selling author Mike Cernovich and his first title to be published by Castalia House. Unlike the glut of other books by political commentators attempting to Monday morning quarterback the election, MAGA Mindset differentiates itself by shifting focus from dull presidential politics to an examination of Donald Trump's winning mindset and practical advice for applying that mindset to your life.

Mike is uniquely qualified to write an analysis of Trump's victory. He is one of a handful of people who predicted Trump's rise, and he called it back in July of 2015.
I knew Trump would do well because I read his books and had only watched a couple of episodes of The Apprentice over 10 years ago. I didn't have the same biases on Trump that others had. I read his books and saw a man who had a strong mindset, a track record of succeeding, and who would make strong and sometimes offensive comments as a way to get media attention.
Cernovich added:
Culturally, people were tired of politically correct culture. We live in an age of micro aggressions where people are deemed racist or sexist of phobic for making one wrong tweet. There will always be a counter-culture, and Trump, with his take no prisoners style of commentary, is that counter-culture.
Donald Trump Counterculture

Success as an author depends on adding value to readers' lives, be it information or entertainment. You may remember that I reviewed Mike's previous best selling mindset book, Gorilla Mindset. How does MAGA Mindset bring additional value to the table above and beyond its similarly themed predecessor?

  1. MAGA Mindset provides a highly visible, real-life case study in the successful use of mindset techniques in the form of none other than presidential election winner Donald Trump.
  2. Author Mike Cernovich succeeded where scores of professional pundits and pollsters failed. Whether you agree with him or not, his model correctly predicted events, so it deserves a fair hearing at the very least.
Even more impressively, Mike put his money where his mouth is and released MAGA Mindset before the election! Again, say what you will about him, Mike can't credibly be accused of cynically peddling advice he doesn't believe in. He lives his own philosophy and went so far as to stake his career on it.

Of course, the strength of an author's conviction alone isn't sufficient reason to take the advice in his book. How does MAGA Mindset's content measure up?

Predicting Trump's Rise

Mike Cernovich correctly called Donald Trump's candidacy, nomination, and presidency against the tide of prevailing expert opinion. He credits his accurate prediction to his observation of several cultural factors.

The weakness of the establishment GOP: For decades, the Left marched from victory to victory with no end in sight. Meanwhile, the republican party did nothing to protect college students from Title IX kangaroo courts, children from pedophiles and infanticide, or girls from having to share their bathrooms with mentally disturbed men. The GOP had willingly become a token opposition, allowing the democrats to get away with murder. Mike saw that normal Americans were fed up with feckless leaders conservative politicians who held them in contempt.

Political correctness: Purveyors of political correctness have dispensed with any pretense of civility and have become full-fledged thought police. The PC gestapo can no longer claim that they're enforcing "basic manners" when anything and everything that straight, white, Christian men do is now a "microaggression". As Mike points out, SJWs even claim that the American Dream is oppressive. Republicans habitually caved to the PC police's demands. Trump gleefully defies them.

Globalism vs. nationalism: Perhaps the most important predictor of Trump's rise, and one that Mike caught onto early, was the ideological shift in American politics from a liberal-conservative paradigm to a globalist vs. nationalist battle. Many of Trump's opponents--especially those on the Right--complained that he's not a true conservative. They were right. Trump isn't a conservative at all. He's a nationalist who puts the needs of his countrymen first. As Mike points out, working-class Americans have been waiting for someone to champion their interests when conservatives wouldn't.

The war on men: Related to the backlash against political correctness, American men have slowly come to realize that Leftist-driven culture doesn't have their best interests at heart. In fact, liberal and conservative elites alike frequently fall over themselves to show how much they hate men. From Title IX to tyrannically biased family courts; from a school system that treats boys as defective girls to the outsourcing of jobs that give men a sense of worth, men are under siege from both sides of the aisle. Mike predicted that they would turn to an outsider in this time of crisis.


Mike Cernovich foresaw that millions of dispossessed Americans were looking for a champion to relieve their Leftist-imposed misery. Why did they find their champion in Donald Trump? Mike gives the credit to the winning mindset that Trump learned in childhood, honed in the cutthroat Manhattan real estate business, and perfected to pave his way to the presidency of the United States.

A few key factors in Trump's MAGA mindset are:
  • The most masculine man (or feminine woman) wins.
  • Be less apologetic. Most people lack self-respect.
  • Start fights. Conflict is a chance to win.
  • If you're going to think, you might as well think big.
  • Don't underestimate the power of affirmations. Write down your goals. Review them daily.
  • Visualize success. Imagine your perfect day. Use all of your senses.
  • Fail faster. Failure is nothing to fear. It's a chance to learn.
Of course, the book contains much more advice, in far greater depth. If you want to learn how to make yourself great again, visit Amazon.com and pick up MAGA Mindset by Mike Cernovich.

If you think MAGA Mindset is for you and you'd like some totally impractical and fun science fiction as a chaser to your mindset book, consider checking out my award-winning Soul Cycle series. Book III is coming out next week, so now's a great time to get the first two installments.


  1. All of this is good except Mike misses that Trump has allowed Caitlyn Jenner to use Trump Tower as his designated dumping spot (bathroom).

    In other news...still the greatest Trump speech--

    1. Yep. Also his most taken-out-of-context-by-the-MSM speech.

    2. I know. The speech wasn't targeted at Mexicans but rather an attack on the mass damages caused by globalisation! Leave it to the media trying to prop up a globalist capitalist in Clinton to completely neglect the context of his speech!

  2. Haven't read MAGA mindset yet. Partway through Ivan Throne's The Nine Laws, and I'm liking it better than Gorilla Mindset, as it's more introspective.

    1. Well, there's also a much bigger pagecount. Print of The Nine Laws is 400+ pages. I think GM is about 250.

  3. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-electoral-college-republican-faithless-electors-stop-election-result-a7473296.html
    Now here's an interesting question--
    Is it 20 or 30??? No one knows.

    1. No one knows who they are because they don't exist.

    2. Just the Chris Suprun exists. Also, any have resigned but these are actually known. And they are being replaced by ones that WILL uphold the will of the people.

      And BTW, Chris Suprun himself is a crackpot.

      My favorite is the mass Democrat electors who are refusing to vote unless they get a briefing. At this rate, Clinton will lose the electoral college even worse than the vote actually shows!