Amazon Reviewer Praise for The Secret Kings

For SFF fans who want fun and who don't want message fic in their space opera, consider the beta reader and early buyer reviews of The Secret Kings, Book III in my award-winning Soul Cycle.

A continuation of this beauty and horror of a story.
Brian Niemeier has a great talent for heroic contrast. At times the tale is dizzying, leaving the reader as breathless as the characters in their desperate struggle.

My new favorite of the series!
All I can say is, you can definitely see that Brian is grown as an author; Nethereal has been unseated as my favorite in the series. Pacing is definitely not a problem for this book as I can't remember a single point where there wasn't something exciting going on or building up.

I won't ruin the surprises, but the stakes have gone up as well. There's a real feeling of transcendence in the plot, which makes the cost of failure seem even more grim.

If you're looking for something good to read over the holidays, you can have a digital copy of all three books for about as much as a book and a small coffee at your local book store.

Secret Kings picks up from Souldancer and turns it up past 11.
A small band of heroes must battle against religious zealots, alien gods, demonic werewolves, mutant chaos jellyfish, a giant undead dragon and other threats in space, on land, in alternate dimensions and in their very minds and souls. Like it's predecessors, ″Secret Kings″ is a blend of sci-fi action, fantasy adventure, and macabre horror, on an epic scale.

It's hard to give a work like this a full review without spoilers, but ″Secret Kings″ continues to surprise with new ideas, expanding a sci-fi/fantasy world unlike any I've ever seen before. This is the must-have sequel to ″Souldancer″.

Disclosure: I was a beta reader for this book.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Secret Kings launch a smashing success. The magnanimous souls who left reviews deserve special recognition in this regard. In the first week after its launch, SK has racked up a solid 5 star rating with seven reviews, a series first for number and overall rating of reviews this soon after release.

TL ; DR: my readers are awesome!

If you have a taste for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror--particularly if you like all three flavors in the same dish--the Soul Cycle is for you. Those who are new to the series are encouraged to begin with the first and second volumes: Nethereal and Dragon Award-winner Souldancer, which are both currently on sale.


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