Adult Swim De-platforms Comedian Sam Hyde

Sam Hyde

Adult Swim has caved to internal pressure and announced the cancellation of Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, a counter-cultural sketch comedy show helmed by notorious prankster and comedian Sam Hyde.
Three weeks after Brett Gelman announced that he was severing ties with Adult Swim due to their treatment of women and their promotion of the “alt-right” comedians and fans behind their new show Million Dollar Extreme, the network has finally responded in the form of a cancellation, confirming with us that the show — which aired its six-episode debut season over the summer — will not return for another season.
Courtesy of The Ralph Retort:
The show itself wasn’t even alt-right, if you ask me. Sam Hyde, the creator and star of MDE Presents, has said some alt-rightish things online, but so what? Do you know how much crazy, anti-American shit is said by some leftist TV actors? They don’t lose their gigs. And from everything I’ve seen, the show was a pretty big ratings success.
The cancellation is nothing more than retaliation against an artist because of his political leanings. BuzzFeed led the charge on this and they should be ashamed. Of course, they aren’t, and have since moved on to shaming people over what their pastor may or may not have said in church. That’s the kind of thuggish operation they run.
I've watched Hyde's show. And while it's not my cup of tea, Ralph is correct in his assessment that the subject matter was relatively tame. Its cancellation results solely from Hyde failing to genuflect before prevailing entertainment industry pieties,

Read the whole story here.

And Ralph has more.
UPDATE: Hyde had planned a free comedy show for tomorrow night in Boston. That’s now off after protests were lodged with the owner of the place where he was set to preform.
Sam Hyde Tweet

Here's Sam's response via Twitter:
Best way to get show back is to put pressure on Turner. I'll make an announcement vid soon, prob tmrw
While I'm certainly hoping for justice for Sam, this incident perfectly illustrates why we need to build new institutions to replace the corrupt legacy media.

Bonus content: for those who are unfamiliar with Sam Hyde's performance art, this video showcases his talent and sets the gold standard for how to deal with the dishonest press.



  1. Dishonest press? But you repeat yourself...

    1. Approved by the Department of Redundancy Department.

  2. Well you have to understand that Adult Swim has standards to maintain. The network that brought you Aqua Teen Hunger Force can not be seen as a low class outfit. [/sarc]