The Secret Kings A - B Cover Test Round 2

Round one concluded with the victory of sketch A. Thanks to everyone who voted!

We now move on to round 2, where the winner of the first round goes head-to-head against the third and final cover sketch.

The Secret Kings A-B Test 2
Once again, you have 24 hours to decide your preference and cast your vote for sketch A or sketch B. State your choice in the comments below, by replying to my posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Gab, or via email.

One thing that these tests have made perfectly clear is that SFF fans are tired of dull, unimaginative covers. Now is your chance to speak out so The Secret Kings stands out.

UPDATE: the votes are in, and the winner of round 2 is cover sketch B.

The Secret Kings cover sketch 3

Thanks again to everyone who voted. The third and final round of testing will commence tomorrow!

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  1. B

    Shows action, but you're more in the middle of it, the planet (or whatever it is) closer.

  2. B

    It's lighter. I hate dark pictures where you can't make stuff out immediatly.