The Secret Kings A- B Cover Test Final Round

We've had excellent turnout for the first two rounds of cover testing. Thanks again to everyone who voted.

For the third and final round of A - B testing to pick the cover of The Secret Kings, Soul Cycle Book III, I'm bringing back cover sketch 2 and pitting it against cover sketch 3.

The Secret Kings A - B cover test 3
Once again, Soul Cycle fans have twenty-four hours to vote on which concept sketch will make the best cover for SK. Polling is open here, on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Gab. Get to it!

NB: readers have asked to see the concept art for the previous two books' covers for reference.

Nethereal Cover Sketch

Souldancer cover sketch

If you haven't read Nethereal or Souldancer yet, there's still time before the Christmas release of The Secret Kings.