Superversive SF Thanksgiving Live Stream

It's been a while since I last joined the Superversive SF crew for one of their lively roundtables. On Saturday I had the pleasure of appearing on their Thanksgiving live stream with John and Jagi Wright, Declan Finn, Daddy Warpig, and other superversive luminaries.

Check it out here.

But the podcasting fun doesn't stop there! Immediately after the Superversive live stream, Daddy Warpig and I went straight into recording another fantastic installment of Geek Gab.

It's another multiple movie review episode, this time featuring Arrival--based on a short from Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Hacksaw Ridge. We cordially invite you to listen in.

In other news, I have--perhaps foolishly--accepted an offer from Sci Phi Journal editor Jason Rennie to contribute a short story to an upcoming anthology. The collection will also feature tales from other superversive and Sad and Rabid Puppies authors; including quite a few big names. I've got a week to turn in the story. Let's see if I can break my previous record for quickest short story turnaround time. Either way I'll keep you posted on the anthology, which is scheduled for release on Inauguration Day.

Speaking of superversive book release updates, Where Angels Die by the man who coined the term "superversive", Mr. Tom Simon himself, just launched today.

And of course, the award-winning, category best selling books in my own Soul Cycle remain available for your reading pleasure.


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