Soul Cycle Casting Call Part 1: Nethereal

Readers frequently tell me that they'd love to see movies based on my books. While I find these comments highly flattering, before any film adaptations of the Soul Cycle could happen, I would need:

A) the six million reader fan base that's required to financially justify turning SFF books into movies and

B) a film industry that doesn't actively hate its own audience.

Still, a man can dream. And as long as we're indulging in idle speculation, I present to you the fantasy cast list that I would assemble if authors had any influence on casting decisions. And if I had a time machine.

Some of these choices will probably surprise you.

Teg Cross: Jesse James-era Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt
Equally comfortable with action and comedy: check.
Sterling track record of playing gunslingers/hitmen/professional thieves: check.
Can totally rock scruffy facial hair: check.
What need have we of further evidence? Mr. Pitt is the full package.

Elena Braun: Phenomena-era Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly
This is a case for the Wayback Machine, because young Connelly, with her ability to project maturity beyond her years and an affinity for keeping her cool in the face of extreme weirdness, would be ideally cast as the souldancer of the ether.

Marshal Malachi: Godfather: Part III-era Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia
Not only does early 90s Garcia have the look down cold, his penchant for playing Machiavellian menaces is well established.

Jaren Peregrine: Lost Boys-era Jason Patric
Jason Patric
I won't lie to you. This one was tough. 80s Patric gets the gig because he facially resembles my image of Jaren and because I really like The Lost Boys.

Those two factors might have something to do with each other...

Nakvin: Ray of Light-era Madonna
Portraying the rogue lady Steersman requires someone with pro acting and singing chops. Say what you will about her personal life and politics, Madonna has both.

Deim Cursorunda: Twin Peaks-era Billy Zane
Billy Zane
I went with early 90s Billy Zane for Nakvin's apprentice steersman/ticking time bomb Deim for pretty much the same reasons I cast Patric as Jaren. Besides, Nethereal will give him the comeuppance he richly earned in Titanic.

He'll also work shirtless, if it's tasteful. Very important here.

Fallon: Dream of the Blue Turtles-era Sting
Had to maintain my Dune cred. (Sorry, Kyle MacLachlin, Sting wins out over you.) There's also an appealing symmetry in having two singers-turned-actors in the cast.

Okay, casting MacLachlin and Zane would still give us symmetry in the form of two actors who've worked on the same prior project, but I'm saving that for...

Vaun Mordechai: Edward Norton-whenever
Edward Norton
Virtuoso-level acting skills. Known facility for mask work. Good at playing evil creeps. And, for the win, Norton completes the Fight Club matching set!

There you have it: a cast that, even if we pitched this project in the early 90s when they theoretically could have been assembled, would render a Nethereal movie impossible to make!

Take away the time machine
Limited to current casting choices, my Nethereal cast would look like this:
  • Jaren Peregrine: Bradley Cooper
  • Marshal Malachi: Lee Pace
  • Elena Braun: Karen Gillan
  • Teg Cross: Chris Pratt
  • Nakvin: Zoe Saldana
  • Fallon: Vin Diesel
Hold on. I think that already exists.

UPDATE: How could I have forgotten?

Sulaiman Iason: Johnny Mnemonic-era Dolph Lundgren
Dolph Lundgren
I pray that Dr. Lundgren will forgive my gross oversight.

If you've got your own casting picks, please share them in the comments. If you have no idea who the characters we're casting are, read my category best selling SFF novel Nethereal and its Dragon Award-winning sequel Souldancer.



  1. How about Labyrinth-era David Bowie as Zebel?

    1. Zebel has no objection to appearing as the Goblin King. For her true form, I figured we'd just pull a Patty Duke Show on Madonna.

      Bowie is a close second choice for Fallon, though.

    2. And of course Connelly was in Labyrinth with Bowie as well. I guess it came to mind since Zebel is Nakvin's father.