Geek Gab: Souldancers, The Pulp Revival, and Luke Cage

The latest episode of Geek Gab takes us back to basics as the three regular hosts chat about D&D, the pulps, and Netflix's new Marvel series Luke Cage.

Plus, Dorrinal gives a progress report on his reading of Souldancer, wherein he has reached the halfway mark.

Take a listen!

NB: contra Dorrinal's early impression, I can assure you that the prologue does in fact have a major impact on the rest of the novel. Everyone should read it.

Everyone should also read the entirety of Souldancer, which won a Dragon Award, and Nethereal, upon which the Worldcon CHORFs bestowed a coveted 6/5 Hugo Award.



  1. Luke Cage has a strong turn in episode 7 that changes the whole story. Very well done. It also helps that I didn't detest 95% of the cast like in Jessica Jones.

    Is the Soul Cycle planned at four books long? You have an ending all mapped out? Are you planning to get Brian Herbert to help you write the prequels? These are the questions.

    1. Re: Soul Cycle - Yes. Yes. Not after what he did to Dune, and besides, I already have 4 prequels outlined.