Geek Gab Halloween Special Plus Updates

After a brief hiatus, Geek Gab returns with an all-new, very special Halloween episode!

Daddy Warpig delivers an epic rant on how The Walking Dead has lost its sense of drama along with the plot. Then I delve into the movie vault to review a classic film from the Bronze Age of Horror: 1987's original Hellraiser by Clive Barker.

You are cordially invited to join us for a fright-filled half hour.

Bonus: I'm asked for, and give, an update on my forthcoming third novel, The Secret Kings. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to beta read the manuscript. I'm still looking for one more volunteer who will get early access to the novel, a free digital copy, and a mention in the book's acknowledgements. There's still a week left to sign up. If you're interested, see the details here.

And in smirking revenge news, Twitter may have been the first to blink in the game of chicken they started with me back in August.




Thanks to everyone who showed solidarity with me over Twitter's censorship. Having every other account treat mine as if it's blocked doesn't make it easy for an independent author to build and promote his brand. But due to the groundswell of support, the bomb Twitter threw at me blew up in their face as I experienced 1000% growth compared to last year.

As a consequence of Twitter's thought policing, I've joined Gab as @BrianNiemeier.

There's still plenty of ground to be retaken. If you'd like to support indie authors like me who are dedicated to bringing readers fun and not telling them what to think, please consider purchasing the first two books in my award-winning SFF series.


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