Superversive Roundtable Talks Dragons and Sky Hernstrom on Geek Gab

I participated in another podcasting marathon this weekend, and you get to enjoy the fruits of my labor!

Superversive SF Roundtable talks the death of the Hugos and the rise of the Dragons

First up is the latest Superversive SF Roundtable. Dave Truesdale, who shall henceforth be known as the Snowflake Slayer, relates his account of getting kicked out of Worldcon for telling the truth about the state of the short fiction market, thereby causing feelbadz.

Stick around for the second half, where Nick Cole, John C. Wright, and I join the other Superversive regulars for a discussion of the Dragon Awards. That's right: three Dragon winners at the same virtual table!

Bonus: a Puppy kicker best known for cyberstalking Asian women attempts a drive-by trolling in the comments and ends up shooting himself in the foot:

Dragons Forever

For once I concur with the troll. The Dragon Awards will be widely known long after the Hugos have sunk into well-deserved oblivion.

Worldcon Attendance
Worldcon Attendance. The big orange spikes in 3 of the last 4 years are from Sad Puppies, so the stalker and his friends had better hope they're wrong about SP losing interest in the Hugos in favor of the Dragons, which the downward trend in Worldcon memberships indicates is happening.
Also, anybody else notice how The Campaign to End Puppy-Related Sadness got shortened to Sad Puppies; then the name got transferred from the campaign to its supporters? Thank the legacy media's isolate and disqualify tactics for that one.

But two can play that game! By popular acclamation, authors of Dragon Award-winning books shall now be styled according to the category in which they won. Applying this naming convention gives us:

  • Larry Correia, the Dragon of Fantasy
  • John C. Wright, the Dragon of Science Fiction
  • Nick Cole, the Dragon of the Apocalypse
  • Brian Niemeier, the Dragon of Horror
  • Chaosium Inc., the Dragon of Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures/Collectible Card/Role Playing Games

I'm pleased to see that Nick Cole has the coolest title.

[Note to self: develop science fiction or fantasy miniature game/CCG/RPG within the next year. Move up in geek hierarchy. Print new business cards in smaller font so as to fit new title.]

69, dudes!

The fun continues on the 69th episode of Geek Gab where author Schuyler Hernstrom drops in for a lively conversation about his awesome work, the Pulp Revival, and the benefits of writing without pants while listening to metal.

Fun fact: both of the books in my major award-recognized Soul Cycle were 40% written without pantsing.



  1. For maximum trolling of the snowflakes, you should call yourselves Grand Dragons. They're already convinced that that describes you anyway, so you might as well get some utility out of it.

    1. "And your other secret name, that neither of us will call you, is...David Duke."

  2. >Yamamanama
    Is that Clamps, and is he that one mental patient who keeps escaping his handler to bother SF writers? It's hard to keep up with all this sometimes. The decline of TradPub SF has the deepest lore.

    1. And now I know. I guess Souldancer didn't have enough salmon seed for his liking.

  3. I had the podcast open while doing my emails but that didn't last too long. Not sure when I stopped working, but I ended up listening to you folks and doing nothing much else. A solid discussing, for sure.

    1. Thanks! If you're not wasting your time, we're not doing our jobs.

  4. Listened to the Superversive SF Roundtable -- great talk, and highly informative. Sci-fi and fantasy need to regain their edge.

    Also, it's good to see your book spreading without the help of mainstream sites. This is what freedom is all about.

    1. Thanks! I have gotten a lot of help from Larry, though :)