Live Stream Roundup

Once again, I come before you to share the fruits of another podcast-heavy weekend!

First up: a frank discussion with my new author friend Justin on his live stream Writers Talking.

Writers Talking

Justin is a smart and capable guy. I like to see writers like him get a chance, and luckily his book Nomads is in the running for Kindle Scout. You can vote for it here.

And as always, Daddy Warpig and I are proud to bring you another exciting episode of Geek Gab! This time we discuss Zack Snyder's role in the ongoing train wreck that is DC's cinematic universe. Plus, we spend some time talking about the upcoming Dragon Awards, which the fans in all their geekish wisdom have nominated Souldancer for.

Geek Gab

Speaking of Souldancer, my Dragon-nominated SF/horror novel is now 50% off in the Kindle Store. Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime subscribers can also download it free of charge.

Already read Souldancer? Vote for it and your other favorite books, movies, and games in the Dragon Awards by registering here for free.



  1. I've been watching cat nurseries on livestream lately.

  2. Dorinal was slacking off I guess. (Okay, I saw him in the chat. I'm sure it was something reasonable. Or technical problems as this is GeekGab.)

    1. Yeah. He let us know he probably wouldn't make it in advance.

      As for the technical difficulties, it's not us. It's Google messing with us!

    2. And apparently part of Daddy Warpig's computer is an abacus built out of pocky sticks and licorice pieces, and the other part consists of a hamster wheel. Occasionally the hamster gets out.

      I kid, I kid. It's part of the charm really.