H.P. Lovecraft and Larry Correia: The Stars Are Right Again

It's been another eventful year in science fiction. What better time, with H.P. Lovecraft and Larry Correia's shared birthday occurring on the same day as the Hugo Awards, to repost this classic?

Lovecraft and Larry Correia

Today should be a global holiday for horror geeks. For on this day, the stars aligned not once, but twice, to gift the world with authors of singular vision whose work defined and popularized their genres.

I speak, of H.P. Lovecraft, Prince of Weird Horror, and Larry Correia, International Lord of Hate and Urban Fantasy author par excellence--both born this day almost a century apart.

Long may their works fuel our nightmares of tentacled horrors in forgotten attic rooms, and our fantasies of defenestrating evil lycanthrope accounting department managers!


  1. Replies
    1. Good grief--I had been imagining Hellery with a pointy chin, green skin, pointy black hat, and wart on the nose.
      Now, I am imagining Trump with squid tentacles for a beard...

      Can this presidential election get any worse?

      Yes it can--
      Imagine Gary Johnson with Baphomet horns.
      Jill Stein--imagine her with Succubus wings.

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    1. In his tank at CorreiaTech HQ, CFO Wendell eats Cheetos.

  3. One of the great things about the puppy wars is being introduced to writers like you and Larry. I had forgotten how much fun genre fiction could be.

    1. Your kind words move me, sir! I know Larry would agree that entertaining readers is our top priority.