Grow or Die

Grow or Die - David the Good

Where does food come from?

If you said "Wal-Mart", you're probably beyond help and can stop reading now. Go in peace and spend the remainder of your days in whatever fashion seems best to you.

If you said "from a farm" or, even better, "my back yard", I have the book for you.

I got a free copy of David the Good's Grow or Die as part of my cross-promotion with the publisher. That said, I'd buy this book in a heartbeat. So should every prepper and survivalist, plus anyone who'd like to continue eating if the grid goes down.

This is not a book for hobbyists interested only in growing flower gardens and decorative shrubs. Instead the author is writing for people with the foresight to start planning how they'll feed themselves and their families when, say, labor strikes, terrorist attacks, or natural disasters disrupt food shipments to Wal-Mart for an extended period of time.

In Grow or Die, David the Good provides all of the information you need to plan, till, fertilize, water, nurture, and harvest a garden capable of sustaining your family in a long-term crisis situation. He also covers the best ways to preserve and store uneaten produce after the harvest.

A comprehensive list of tools, an alphabetical crop catalog, and a handy quick start guide make Grow or Die an indispensable resource for getting your survival garden up and growing fast.

A super informative survival gardening book written in an engaging, funny style. Highly recommended for serious survivalists and general gardening fans alike.

If you prefer fictional apocalyptic scenarios, I also have a book for you--two, in fact. Even David the Good took time out from hoeing, making ponds out of hot tubs, and fertilizing crops with his own urine to read them. You can't ask for a better endorsement!



  1. On the subject of gardeners though, there is a man at the assisted living place I've been volunteering at who is a former gardener. He's also one of the most unpredictable of the residents. Pulled a fire alarm once while I was there and I had to sign a sheet saying I participated in a fire drill that day.

    Wow...I totally just realised today I've blanked on your blog for a while. Well, back now :)
    Keep that new friend of mine in your prayers though still!

    1. I could totally see David doing that :)

      Glad to have you back. Be assured that I'm praying for your intentions.

    2. Pulling the fire alarm when it's totally not necessary and there's no fire or being a gardener?

      All things in love and for love--love is God. Truth is a person.

    3. Pulling a prank like that. He's already a gardener.

    4. Unfortunately, it's no prank when this resident does it. I work in the memory care area of the assisted living place. People with Alzheimer's and dementia. This particular one who pulls the fire alarm literally has the mental capacity of a two-year-old. Such is the way with dementia and how the brain basically devolves itself.

    5. My mistake. That definitely doesn't sound like David, then.

    6. Could be David some day. Could be you. Could be me. You never know.

      The other day, I asked this same guy what his wife's name was. His wife had visited him from the independent living section of the assisted living place earlier that day. He gave me a blank stare. It's difficult to see them not even remember the name of their spouse but all you can do is love them.

      We made a card, him and I, for a caretaker at the memory care section who always hangs out with him. It made the day for that caretaker though. They're good at showing love is one thing though.