Geek Gab Episode 63: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

This week on Geek Gab, we give mini-reviews of Jason Bourne and Star Trek Beyond before moving on to the main event: a full review of the new DC Universe movie Suicide Squad.

Did Warner Bros. learn the right lessons from the critical failure of Batman v. Superman? Or for that matter Guardians of the Galaxy? Have American film makers remembered how to shoot action scenes?

Listen in and find out!

Then, check out Red Letter Media's take on Suicide Squad, which I find nicely complements ours.

NB: if you're into stories about misfit outlaws banding together against superhuman evil, I've got your next fix right here:



  1. I haven't seen it yet, but the news that there were apparently three different cuts of the movie makes me wonder just how much was lost because of over the top editing.

    There was the original cut, the studio cut, and the Frankenstein cut that was shoved into theaters. It actually makes me wonder if there's a good movie somewhere in there.

    However, hearing about the action sequences still make me disappointed. Coherent flowing action is not much to ask from an action film. And yet Hollywood can't even do that right . . .

    1. "Coherent flowing action is not much to ask from an action film. And yet Hollywood can't even do that right . . ."

      Not to excuse Hollywood's inept action cinematography, but to explain it, American movies are star-driven, and most movie stars aren't experts at faking/being able to take a punch. That makes filming fight scenes with actual contact both risky and expensive compared to Hong Kong action films where all of the principle cast are also trained stuntmen.

    2. I can understand that.

      However, not being able to see said star during an action sequence because the camera man is having a conniption fit is no issue to these same people?

    3. Your indictment of the lazy and ubiquitous 'caffeine cam' photography with which Hollywood is so enamored should be shouted from the rooftops.

      True story: watching The Bourne Supremacy made me so seasick that it became one of only two movies I've walked out on.

  2. OT, but congrats on making the list for the Dragon!

    1. Yeah, I just saw that Souldancer made the final ballot. Thanks!

      This wouldn't have been possible without readers like you :)