Geek Gab: Super Movie Episode

It's anything goes on this lively episode of Geek Gab.

Daddy Warpig discusses a couple of Disney kids' films: Zootopia and The Rescuers.

John talks about Overwatch. It's not a movie, but he didn't watch anything this week.

Finally, I review The Conjuring 2 form director James Wan. Did he succeed in reclaiming studio horror's fan cred? Is this sequel as good as the original? Why is the Catholic rite of exorcism featured in pretty much every demonic possession film?

Listen in and find out!


  1. I'm not the most educated when it comes to horror, but my favorite is probably "The Devil Rides Out" starring Christopher Lee. That film just has everything.

    Oh, and was Warcraft the movie Daddy Warpig was talking about? That's the only recent movie I can think of that he didn't talk about.

  2. "'The Devil Rides Out' starring Christopher Lee. That film just has everything."

    Somehow I overlooked that one. I'll have to remedy my oversight.