Geek Gab: Battle of the Iron Mans!

Daddy Warpig and I devoted the latest episode of Geek Gab to debating my best Iron Man movie post. The discussion was quite vigorous, to the extent that we broke the normal half hour time limit and did a double length episode.

I definitely think the subject merited the extra time. Take a listen and see what you think.

NB: though Daddy Warpig delivered a brilliant meditation on the first Iron Man in light of themes common to Greek and Shakespearean drama, I'm confident that my original argument stands. It's interesting to note that nearly every counterargument from the many commenters who've attempted rebuttals fall into one of the following categories:

  • Changing the subject from the films' objective merits to their subjective preferences
  • Insisting that Obadiah Stane is an effective, well-motivated antagonist (Full disclosure: I never denied the first premise and DW brought me around to affirming the second. However, most of my interlocutors ended up confirming that Iron Monger doesn't work nearly as well, which was always my main point.)
  • Armchair quarterbacking/fan saves: proposing complex script changes that would have improved Iron Man 2 as we find it no more proves the superiority of the first Iron Man than suggesting improvement to The Empire Strikes Back makes the original Star Wars the best entry in that franchise.
  • Plot hole nitpicks: for every one you can point out in Iron Man 2, I can find you one in the first Iron Man. I never claimed that either film is perfect. In fact, they're both quite flawed by later MCU standards. Again, the point of the exercise was to find the best of three imperfect films. Iron Man 2 still takes the tarnished crown.
Consider that a more proper closing statement than we had time for. Anyway, read the post that started it all, listen to the debate, and draw your own conclusions.


  1. Changing the subject from the films' objective merits to their subjective preferences...

    You seemed to think I was talking about subjective things; I respond that you're not giving the screenplay of the original movie enough credit. Having more interesting things happen throughout, more clever lines, and better dialogue isn't subjective; you might disagree with all of these things, but it's at least stuff I can point out and say "There".

    "The Avengers", if not better than "Civil War" at least unarguably one of the MCU's best movies, has an insanely stupid plot - but is so great because of the strength of Whedon's screenplay. The dialogue and characterization in "The Avengers" is brilliant.

    "Iron Man" isn't up to that level, but it's superior to "Iron Man 2", which tried to bite off more than it could chew.

    1. Actually, I didn't have you in mind when I wrote that.

    2. Either way.

      (Suddenly the lyrics of "You're So Vain" are running through my head. I wonder why.)