The Rageaholic: Geek Gab Episode 54

Join your hosts Daddy Warpig, John, myself, and our special guest star, Razorfist of the Rageaholic vlog, for a super-sized episode of Geek Gab!

In this very special episode, the famed Rageaholic holds forth on the AVGN Ghostbusters controversy, Microsoft's stupidity, and #NotAtMyTable; presents his theory for why SJWs tried to invade gaming, and reveals his favorite Battletech mechs!

Bonus: John finally gets to discuss the Street Fighter series with Razor.

And of course, I plug my recently BOOK BOMBed horror/SF novel Nethereal.

Nethereal - Brian Nimeieer

I'll be honest. This is our best episode since the legendary Larry Correia interview. Except everything actually worked this time, so we didn't have to patch Razor in on DW's cell phone. That might put this installment over the top!

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  1. I missed this episode? ??

    I must flog myself at once! (While listening of course)