Geek Gab: Apocalypse

On this episode of Geek Gab, we discuss the new Marvel mutant universe film Wolverine 9 X-Men: Apocalypse.

Listen as Daddy Warpig, John, and I nitpick all of Bryan Singer's directorial decisions and almost get sucked into a debate about which is the best Iron Man film (correct answer: Iron Man 2).

Check out what may be the geekiest episode of a show that already brings you 100% of your recommended daily allowance of geekiness.


  1. "Iron Man 2"


    1. Yes, Iron Man 2, aka Hands Down the Best Iron Man Movie by a Country Mile.

      Due to the continued and baffling resistance to this self-evident truth in certain quarters, I shall have to undertake an exacting, irrefutable Iron Man 2 apologia.

      NB: I'll give you a sporting chance to retract that meme link either now, or after my rebuttal.

      Or you, know, you can leave it there. Totally up to you ;)

    2. Go ahead. I'm honestly curious as to how one could prefer Iron Man 2 over the others. It's not something I hear very often.

      As for the X-Men, I actually really liked Days of Future Past. I thought it made an excellent ending for a franchise that Tom Rothman went over with an axe after the second film.

    3. Yeah. Days of Future Past was quite enjoyable.