Battle of the B-List Avengers! Geek Gab Episode 52

Join Daddy Warpig, John, and myself for a rousing discussion of a certain recent superhero blockbuster.

Note: the episode's title is more a reflection of Disney's liberality with their copyright claims than any fault in the movie.

Take a listen!


  1. Oh, I forgot to mention that I agreed with you regarding the X-Men. That's why I've always preferred them being in separate universes like the movies.

    Yes, be irrationally afraid of a woman with blue skin, but not a giant green mountain who makes it a habit of throwing tanks like footballs and frequently destroys cities at what seems to be a whim to the common man.

    The irrational mutant hate doesn't work in a world where the Avengers, aliens, and foreign powers like Doctor Doom in charge of other countries, are well known to the public.

    1. I'm glad someone agrees with me. Hardcore Marvel fanboys tend to take umbrage when I point out the inconsistency.