Nethereal Second Edition

Contra my prior announcement that Nethereal Second Ed. would be released on April 30, I'm bowing to popular demand and breaking my own street date.

That's right. The second, revised and expanded edition of my unconventional, never predictable, but always fun space opera is available now.

Nethereal 2nd ed.
Kindle version available now on Amazon

Don't worry, old-school bibliophiles. I didn't forget about you. There's also a classic dead tree version!

Nethereal 2nd ed. paperback
I just finished proofing it, so the paperback is currently only for sale at CreateSpace. But hey, I get paid more there.

Why am I releasing a new edition less than a year after the book's initial launch?

This isn't just a marketing stunt. I work for my readers. Though the fan response has been overwhelmingly positive, there's always room for improvement. Astute readers gave me a wealth of useful feedback, and the edits I've made reflect your suggestions.

Here's what you get from N2E:

  • Improved, higher visibility front cover
  • Spoiler-free back cover blurb
  • Handy list of major characters with short bios for ease of reference
  • Every typo you guys found? Corrected.
  • Subtle tweaks to the text that enhance narrative clarity and focus
  • Convenient link to Souldancer, Soul Cycle Book II (much like this one) at the end so you can dive right into the sequel
  • Added bonus: a bunch of stuff I can't remember!
As you can see, there are enough improvements to amply justify a new edition.

I can hear all the wonderful folks who already bought Nethereal asking, "What about me?" No worries, sugar lump. If you already own Nethereal 1st ed., just shoot me an email via the button on the right sidebar, and I'll upgrade you to the 2nd ed. eBook for free.

It's my way of saying thanks for everyone's support.

I'll give the incomparable Jeff Duntemann the last word. From his highly insightful review of Nethereal 1st ed., which still holds true:

There are starships, but these are not your father's starships. There are space pirates, but not the space pirates you were looking for. There is Hell, but it's not...quite...Dante's Hell. Magical firearms, trapped souls, epic space battles, startling images, touches of Persian dualism, wise-ass demigods, necromancers, a zombie chicken, and a marvelous swipe at the bloodthirsty 14th Century Bishop Henry Despenser of Norwich.
And this is the author's first novel. I'm hardly an expert, but I was extremely impressed.
What's key here is the richness of the author's creation. This isn't just an imagined future. Earth is nowhere to be seen, past or present. Brian has created an entire cosmos with its own rules, exotic physics, and even more exotic metaphysics. Half-sentient FTL starships are guided by telepathic pilots who are more partner than master--and can be eaten by the mysterious Wheel if they break the complex rules of steersmanship. The gulf between life and death that we experience here is paper-thin in this ancient cosmos long abandoned by its own gods. Half of your crew might actually be dead men--and you have to look close to tell which is which.
H/t to Jeff for providing many of the key suggestions that have made Nethereal even better. He's too modest, but Jeff's an expert in my book!

...a newly improved book that you can buy here.


  1. What e-mail do I send my request for the 2nd edition to?

    1. You can click the "Send Me an Email" button on the right sidebar or copy and paste the following address: soulcyclebooks@gmail.com

    2. OK, I'm the noob. I totally looked for an e-mail address or button and didn't see it. Thanks!

    3. No worries.

      Your copy has been sent.

  2. All this and I just put up a review: http://wastelandandsky.blogspot.ca/2016/04/burn-demon-burn-review-of-brian.html

    I've got good timing, huh?

    1. What an insightful review! It's like you're a long lost member of my old anime club from back in college.

      If you weren't, I retroactively grant you full membership now :)