Souldancer Update: Finished Cover Art

Earlier today, my extraordinary cover artist Marcelo Orsi Blanco sent me the detailed, colorized version of the front cover for Souldancer.


As you might expect, I was overjoyed.

But it was only a foretaste of the surprise he had in store for me a few hours later, when he sent the finished front and back covers and spine art.

Souldancer front & back

Within minutes, my followers on social media came forth to cover the cover in glory. Thanks to them, and congratulations to Marcelo!

As an indie author, I'm not just a writer. I also shoulder all the responsibilities of a publisher.

My market research on Nethereal proved that the cover alone sells books. The universally positive response so far gives me every reason to expect that the same will hold true for Souldancer.

Not that I'm cutting corners on the writing and letting the pretty pictures do all the heavy lifting (though they are pretty).

Readers liked the story of Nethereal enough to suggest it for a Hugo and me for a Campbell. Still, I can't find the words to express how grateful I am for their vote of confidence.

When the fans of an obscure, self-published author can go toe-to-toe with fans of best selling authors backed by big NY publishers, the dawn of a new world is upon us.

Anyway, considering how much people enjoy Nethereal, imagining their reactions to Souldancer makes me giddy with anticipation.

Only the creative team of my editor, artist, beta readers, and a few collaborators have any idea what Souldancer has in store. Many Nethereal fans have speculated about the sequel, and I can say confidently that none of them have come close.

Here's a hint: a sequel should expand on the themes of the original. So take Nethereal and think BIGGER. But at the same time, more personal and intimate. You'll see.

I can't wait for you to see.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that the gateway to this phenomenon is still very much accessible. It is also eligible for Best Novel Hugo suggestions until the end of this month.

Till next time, I remain the devoted servant of my readers.


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    1. Glad you like it. After all, readers like you chose it!

      Also, keep an eye on this blog. The finished book could drop at any minute.