Souldancer is Live on Amazon

It's my sincere pleasure to announce that Souldancer, the sequel to Nethereal, is now live on Amazon's Kindle Store.

The release of this book marks the culmination of a work that's been years in the making. Though Souldancer is sequentially the second book of the Soul Cycle, I actually started writing it before I wrote Nethereal.

That's how eager I was to tell this story. In fact, I was a little too eager, because in the process I generated enough background material to merit its own novel, which became the series' first book.

Readers have pointed out that Nethereal sets up a universal moral quandary. Souldancer tackles that dilemma head on. So in a way, SD is the true beginning of the cosmic epic to which Nethereal is merely a prologue (and we've still got two books to go).

If you liked the rich, multifaceted characters of the first book, you're in for a treat with the second. The main and supporting cast of Souldancer are some of my favorite--and my beta readers' favorite--imaginary friends. You may even recognize a face or two from the last outing; or suspect that you do.

The main conflict in Nethereal deals primarily with the main characters' survival, with growing implications of something much bigger than they are. The struggle to survive is still present in Souldancer, with the existential crises moved to the forefront.

Don't worry that I'm going all literary on you. In my experience, there's no better way to generate existential fear than to ramp up the horror. And there's even more action in Souldancer than in its swashbuckling predecessor.

There is also a love story. A horrifying, action-packed love story.

The stage is set. The cast have taken their places. I can't wait for you to meet them.

Now let's put the first book's launch to shame!

Get Souldancer, Soul Cycle Book 2 for Kindle.

It's also a good idea to read Nethereal first.

Update: Souldancer Amazon Ranks
Debuted on 2/10/2016 at ~#70,000 Paid in Kindle Store.

2/10/2016 at 9PM: <#35,000 Paid in Kindle Store.

2/11/2016 at 9AM: #17,343 Paid in Kindle Store.

2/11/2016 at 4 PM: #14,869 Paid in Kindle Store.

Dear readers: you're on the right track for Soul Cycle Book III.


  1. And bought! And I am definitely looking forward to how things will continue to grow in the sequels!

  2. I literally have Nethereal right next to me and am about to start reading.

    Oh well, that's what I get for being so far behind!

    Congrats on book 2!

    1. All Nethereal wanted was a chance to get next to you :)