You Spoke. We Listened.

The results of the Souldancer cover A/B test are in!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. We had a total of 31 participants who provided a good sample size and lots of useful feedback.

The poll

The poll ran for two days. It was quite a contest, with the numbers shifting back and forth. But in the end, one concept sketch would capture 21 votes to 10 and be chosen for the final cover.

Even if your favorite sketch didn't win, know that you've made a valuable contribution to this project. Personally, I like both covers, which is why I abstained from voting. I wanted to hear my readers' unbiased opinions, and you guys delivered the goods! My international team of publishing experts now has a much clearer picture of your criteria for an engaging and effective cover.

The Results

But enough flattery. Without further delay, I'm honored to present YOUR victorious Souldancer cover art sketch:

Souldancer concept

Marcelo has been notified of your decision, and he is hard at work transforming the rough concept art above into the same kind of lushly detailed, full color masterpiece that graces the cover of Nethereal.

Nethereal small

The next steps

It shouldn't take long for Marcelo to complete the finished cover. After that, I just need to get the book formatted, and then it's show time.

Make sure to watch this space and my Twitter feed for updates on the imminent Souldancer launch.

Thanks again to my readers. These achievements wouldn't have been possible without you; nor the great things waiting just around the corner.