New Media vs. Legacy Media: At the Turn of the Tide

A close relative recently confided in me that he's been struggling against a pervasive sense of despair. He's a faithful Christian and dedicated family man whose politics lean conservative. Yet his professional culture and the media he pays attention to bombard him with narratives contrary to his principles on a daily basis.

The reasons for his alienation and unease aren't difficult to see. There is no question that the mainstream media filters news coverage through a Leftist bias. The same goes for the entertainment industry. Anyone who denies that the major news organs, Hollywood studios, and New York publishers lean left is either willfully ignorant or actively spreading misinformation--most likely due to a stint of brainwashing in college.

With all the culture-dominating powers of the media and academia arrayed against him, is my kinsman justified in his despair? Is a pair of thrift store Keds stamping on a human face forever an accurate picture of the future?

Not even close.
turn of the tide
#GamerGate charging the denizens of Castle Gawker
The Turn of the Tide
The left's media monopoly was doomed from the start. The seeds of their undoing lay at the heart of their own ideology all along.

Leftism is totalitarian
Like the Christian faith of which it is a heresy, Liberalism claims to be a universal creed that will usher mankind into paradise at the end of history. Unlike Christianity, Liberalism is based on ahistorical unreality.

Also unlike Christianity, Liberalism cannot tolerate rival philosophies. Leftists say they are progressive, and in this they speak the truth. By its very nature, their ideology must continually advance until it is all in all.

Leftism is at odds with reality
As alluded to above, Leftists operate according to a principle of unreality that not only obstructs their access to the truth, it compels them to speak and believe lies. And not just little white lies; monstrous, absurd, psychotic lies. Their firm, fixed belief that certain words--especially masculine pronouns--are eldritch incantations capable of cursing defenseless listeners is just one example.

The inevitable outcome
You shouldn't need me to explain what happens when a totalitarian ethos that's at war with reality seizes control of the engine that drives culture. As we've seen, its adherents try to remake the culture in their own image. As we've also seen, they have been wildly successful.

But when the implications of an ideology are essentially suicidal, the meaning of "success" gets turned on its head.

The mass media has lost America's trust
media trust
According to Gallup, only 40% of Americans trust the mass media. This dismal intellectual credit rating ties 2012 and 2014 as the lowest on record. Even worse for the MSM's future, their credibility is lowest among younger Americans.

Related: cable news ratings, like all TV ratings, are down, but Fox remains on top of the shrinking heap.

The indie publishing revolution is overthrowing Leftist gatekeepers
author earnings
The Big Five New York publishers have seen their sales of science fiction and fantasy books plummet. Meanwhile, readers are flocking to self-published authors and small independent publishers.

I'm not aware of any studies proving this connection, but reasoned speculation and strong anecdotal evidence indicates that the growth of indie is at least partially due to an exodus of authors and readers who've grown tired of the Big Five's ideological bias.

I can't say that the possibility displeases me.

The corrupt gaming press destroyed by a golem of their own making
Vivian with puppy
For the past year, the #Gamer Gate consumer revolt has seen gamers of all political backgrounds unite to combat dishonest, leftward-slanted media outlets. Their efforts cost tabloid bully site Gawker over $1 million.

Most GG members self-identify as liberal, but tens of thousands of them have gained new respect for conservatives, especially for Republican actor Adam Baldwin, who started the hashtag.

While over in SFF, the Sad/Rabid Puppies campaigns exposed the Hugo Awards' ideological bias.

Youth revolt
Signs of resistance to the currently dominant narrative are even thriving among the much-maligned Millennial generation.

Most Millennials reject radical feminism.

And, along with most Americans, abortion.

Also like their elders, younger Americans support tighter controls over immigration.

That image of the future as a self-beclowned hipster stamping on America's face at an ivy league struggle session is starting to fade like Marty McFly's family photograph.

Speaking of the future...
The Democratic Party doesn't have one.

The upshot
American society has stratified into an elite minority (of both parties) who all live in the same places, go to the same schools, work in entertainment, media, academia, and government, and hate the working class.

The rest of the American people have now caught on to this fact and have begun to actively hate the elites back.

There's a rapidly growing realization that the ruling class, universities, and mass media are illegitimate. This sentiment is gaining steam and will increase exponentially.

Liberals of both parties are done. Finished. They overplayed their hand, and people are wise to their game. Many haven't realized it yet, because the Left is dumping all of its remaining power and influence into a propaganda blitz designed to trick people into thinking that the elite are still in control.

Just like countless failed regimes did before lying down to die on the ash heap of history.

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