Today marks the first anniversary of the superversive literary movement--where writers who are tired of establishment sci-fi's obsession with repeatedly burning the motherhood statement in effigy strive to raise SF from the ashes.

The redoubtable Mr. Tom Simon declares the purpose of superversive science fiction:
The subversives have pulled down their lamp-post, and they must go on pulling it down for ever, because they cannot agree on what to do next.
What, then, can we do, those of us who are not Progressives? We cannot fight subversion by its own methods; that only makes the hole deeper. But if subversion means ‘turning from below’, there can be such a thing as turning from above. We have nothing to gain by digging a bigger hole, but we can build right over it. It seems natural enough to me to invent a new word for this by changing part of the old one; so I call it superversion.
The goal of the Superversive is to be light to a benighted world.
The goal of the Superversive is: 
To tell the truth.
Happy anniversary, fellow superversives! May the darkness have retreated another step by the time we celebrate again next year.

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