Geek Gab: Writing Ain't Much of a Living

This week's episode of Geek Gab was supposed to be about Skin Game; then Agents of Shield, but we ended up talking about Daddy Warpig's book deal (congratulations!) and Larry Correia's epic fisking of a HuffPo article on self-publishing.

Note to aspiring authors: listen to Daddy Warpig's writing advice. Take notes on it. Internalize it. Live it.


  1. >A freelance editor is going to cost you between $800 to $2000.
    Ouch. Another reason to save that one for last. That's going to be costly when I get my book done.

    Anyways, another good episode. Shame I had to miss it live.

  2. Glad you liked the episode.

    Re: freelance editing, I meant to say $500-$2000. Either way, I was estimating based on rates I've seen. Fees charged for editing, cover art, and formatting tend to vary widely.

    When your time comes to find an editor, take Larry Correia's advice: try your contacts first. He got the editor of a gun magazine and a BYU professor to be his editors for the original self-published Monster Hunter International.

    Like Larry, I also found my editor through personal and professional networking.

    Remember, as a publisher (which is one of at least two hats you'll wear) you should vet any freelancer you're thinking of hiring. Like any employer, you should get references, check all candidates' work histories (that means reading books they've edited), and interview them to make sure the one you hire is a good fit for your style.

  3. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks. I guess I should get further along with my book before I get worried about all this.