Souldancer, Soul Cycle Book II

Image courtesy of Jeff Stachnik

I'm pleased to announce that Souldancer, book 2 of the Soul Cycle, has been delivered to my editor.

An unexpected phenomenon surrounding Nethereal's release was the feedback I got from readers; not just its unanimously positive nature--I didn't expect comparisons to John C. Wright and Brandon Sanderson!--but the hopes that fans have expressed for the sequel.

Souldancer has been a labor of love more than a decade in the making. I actually wrote the original version of this book first; then went back and wrote Nethereal out of a need to ground the story in a more fleshed-out universe. Suddenly having fan expectations to consider was a welcome yet awesome (in the word's original sense) surprise.

Since it's my job to stoke readers' anticipation, I'm obliged to say that no one who isn't privy to my inner counsels has figured out what the second novel has in store. Like one Nethereal reviewer said, my stories tend to follow unexpected paths, and Souldancer is no exception.

One hint I've already given publicly is that Souldancer is, at heart, a romance--albeit a romance featuring insects of unusual size, transporter accidents, and conspiracy to commit deicide.

Here's a preview.

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